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DSV YACHTS was established in August 2005 to create unique superyachts made of valuable wood by the technology of lamination.

Since the establishment of the company, DSV YACHTS have invested considerable efforts and funds into the scientific research, analysing and implementing the latest worldwide known technology of a laminated wood, as a competitive & successful product in a modern shipbuilding , that is tested at the leading institutes as Dutch Technology Institute TNO (Holland), Delft University of Technology (Holland), Messina University on Sicily (Italy), University of Southampton (UK).


The developed and applied technologies of wood processing, designing and construction of the production process results in excellent sound properties of elements as well as the durability to the environmental changes.


The sailing vessels by DSV YACHTS are, in fact, a new segment in the yacht construction, which has no analogues in the world. Trying to repeat (copy) the work done by the company will require an incredible amount of investments and will take an extremely long period of time, which in turn may not be led to a positive result. Whereas all the work is handmade by craftsmen. Our Craftsmen are selected from all over Turkey, among the most talented young people with the experience of five years in modern skills of working with wood. If the human factor in any business is very important while working with wood, this is special. The wood must feel, hear and understand the individual working with it. Also, the production line equipped with special setups and devices, allowing us to quickly implement the projects connecting the historical school of shipbuilding timber with the latest global technological advancements.


From the beginning, DSV YACHTS are creating their projects in a cooperation with the world's leading engineering companies. So, for the marine architecture, the firm responsible is Dykstra Naval Architects (Holland), for style, exterior and interior company Ken Freivokh Design (UK). in the combination of collaborative effort, allows to build sailing ships at the super yachts’ class that have no analogues in the world.


For instance, I would like to share with you the information on the built and launched in December 2013 three-mast schooner Mikhail S. Vorontsov, 64.52 meters long with a body made of laminated wood, which meets all the requirements of a super yacht. In May 2014 in Amsterdam, the competent jury of World Superyacht Awards 2014, the yacht Mikhail S. Vorontsov has received a major international recognition and became the winner in the Spirit of Tradition Award winning the main Oscar prize. During the construction of this yacht, It was filmed and broadcast repeatedly carried out the world by the Discovery Channel. At the same time the book “The Superyachts, 2014” has included the information about Mikhail S.Vorontsov along with the outstanding yachts of different classes of year 2014.


At the moment, DSV YACHTS at its shipyard in Turkey is building 141-meter four-masted sailing super yacht called "Dream Symphony". The hull is built by the Turkish masters with a unique, specially developed just for this project technology of laminated hardwood timber (iroko - African teak). Never before, the sailing ship did not have such a massive project. It is the largest project of a sailing vessel with the body of laminated wood in the history.


The strength characteristics of the body of "Dream Symphony" is not inferior to the characteristics of the body of a metal yacht and it is even superior. The strength of the frame

is based on a special method of strength analysis of the hull’s constructive elements made of laminated wood IROKO, on the basis of which the entire structure is being build. Method of calculation, is obtained by a group of marine engineering companies as Dykstra Naval Architects (Holland) and SP-High Modulus (UK), which are based on the comparative characteristics of metal and laminated wood. The calculations were confirmed by special laboratories at the DELFT University of Technology (Holland) and the University of Messina (Italy) , during the tests, real samples of laminated wood were used.


This work is accepted and approved by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), Italy, which also performs the constructional supervision, certification and classification of yachts that under the construction. DSV YACHTS is building a yacht in cooperation with the Dykstra Naval Architects (Holland), who are responsible for the marine architecture and Ken Freivokh Design (UK), who are responsible for the exterior and interior design. The budget of construction “finalised", is 250-300 million euros with the completion date on 2024. During the budget analysis, the fact that the overall budget is calculated on the basis of equipment hull premium equipment from manufacturers with the implementation of works on board of the highest quality, meeting the highest requirements for super yachts should be taken into account.


In the case of interest in the further information, our team is ready to answer all your questions and provide all the necessary additional information. In case of your desire to visit our shipyard, we are ready to provide such an opportunity, at any time convenient for you.



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